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Graham, Jorie

Born: 1951 AD
Currently alive, at 66 years of age.

1951 – Born on May 9th in New York City.

1973 – Received her BFA from New York University.

1978 – Received her MFA from the University if Iowa.

1980 – Wrote the poetry ‘Hybrids of Plants and of Ghosts’ and ‘Erosion’.

1983 – She was a professor in the University of Iowa.

1991-1997 – She wrote ‘Region of Unlikeness’, ‘Materialism’, ‘The Dream of the Unified Field: Selected Poems, 1974–1994’ and ‘The Errancy’.

1999 – A professor in Boylston Professorship in Harvard University.

         – Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for The Dream of the Unified Field.

2000-2002 – Wrote the ‘Swarm’ and ‘Never’.