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Gounod, Charles Francois

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1893 AD
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1818 – Born on June 17th in Paris, France. French composer noted particularly for his operas, of which the most famous is Faust.

         – He studied at the Paris Conservatoire and in Rome, then became organist of the Eglise des Missions Etrangères, Paris, where his earliest compositions, chiefly polyphonic in style, were performed.

1835 – He was educated at the Lycée Saint-Louis, where he remained.

1839 – His cantata "Fernand" won for him the Grand Prix de Rome, carrying with it the privilege of a three years’ sojourn in Rome and a year’s travel in Germany at the expense of the Government.

1842 – He returned to Paris and was soon appointed choirmaster at the church of the Missions Etrangeres, a position which he held for four years and a half.

1848 – He resigned his position as choirmaster.

1858-1859 – His major works include the opera, Le Médecin malgré lui (The Mock Doctor), and his masterpiece, Faust.

         – He also published Masses, hymns, and anthems, and was popular as a songwriter.

1875 – He devoted himself more and more to religious music.

1882 – He brought out his oratorio "The Redemption", for which he himself wrote the text and which he styled opus vitae meae.

1885-1886 – Appeared "Mors et Vita", his last great work, the text for which he selected from Holy Scripture.

         – He composed the oratorio "Mors et Vita", Vatican City national anthem

1893 – Died on October 18th in Saint-Cloud, near Paris.

2.7 (53.33%) 6 votes