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Godard, Jean Luc

Born: 1930 AD
Currently alive, at 88 years of age.
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1930 – Born in Paris on the 12th of March.

1948 – Returned to Paris and began to attend the Lycée Rohmer, a year before enrolling at the Sorbonne to study anthropology.

1950 – That Paris ciné-clubs were gaining prominence. Godard began attending, where he soon met the man who was perhaps most responsible for the birth of the New Wave, André Bazin, as well as those who would become his contemporaries, including Jacques Rivette, Claude Chabrol, François Truffaut, Jacques Rozier, and Jacques Demy.

1954 – He made his first foray into directing with Operation Beton, a short film centered around the construction of a dam Godard had worked as a laborer on the very project in order to save the money to make the film.

1960 – Godard, with Rivette and Rohmer, were among the first writers. Most of the writers for Cahiers du cinéma started making some brief forays into film direction.

         – His first major feature film, Breathless, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, was a seminal work of the French New Wave.

1961 – Godard and Danish-born actress Anna Karina, whom he later married.

1963 – His most commercially successful film was Contempt, starring Michel Piccoli and one of France’s biggest female stars, Brigitte Bardot.

1964 – Godard and Karina formed a production company, Anouchka Films. He directed Bande à part, another collaboration between the two and described by Godard as "Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka.

1965 – He directed Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution, a futuristic blend of science fiction, film noir, and satire. Eddie Constantine starred as Lemmy Caution, a detective who is sent into a city controlled by a giant computer named Alpha 60.

3 (60%) 19 votes