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Glyn, Elinor

Born: 1864 AD
Died: 1943 AD
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1864 – Born on the 17th of October in Jersey, Channel Islands, England.

         – Following the death of her father, her mother returned to the parental home in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Elinor was schooled by her grandmother in the ways of the upper-class society.

1871 – In this year, Glyn’s mother remarried and returned to Jersey, England when she was eight. As a young girl she would take up writing and keep a diary.

         – In his teens and twenties, she often travelled to the continent, gaining many young male admirers.

1892 – On the 27th of April, twenty-eight year old Elinor married the landowner Clayton Glyn.

         – The couple had two daughters, Margot and Juliet.

1897 – She has been writing beauty and fashion articles for Scottish Life and Cosmopolitan magazine since this year.

1900 – Using her letters to her mother, he used it as basis for his book The Visits of Elizabeth which was published this year.

         The World followed The Visits of Elizabeth.

1907 – Achieved a notoriety in this year with the novel Three Weeks.

1908 – Glyn travels to the United States, inspiring, Elizabeth Visits America. She had an affair with Lord Curzon, former Viceroy of India.

1910 – At the invite of the Russian Imperial Court, she wrote the torrid romance set in pre-revolutionary Russia His Hour.

1911 – The Reason Why was published.

1912 – Halcyone followed The Reason Why. In this same year, Philip Alexius de Laszlo painted in oil an exotic and bejewelled portrait of Glyn.

1916 – She also travelled to Spain and Hungary and her novels were read by the Queens of Spain and Romania. The Career of Katherine Bush was published this year.

1919 – She was only one of two women who were present at the signing of the Peace Treaty at Versailles.

1920 – After the death of her husband, she went to Hollywood where her novel The Great Moment was filmed. The training she received from her grandmother led her to be considered an authority on style and breeding when she worked in Hollywood in the 1920’s.

1923 – Glyn coined the term "It" in her novel The Man and the Moment which was published this year. It was a 1920’s euphemism for sex appeal of which the actress Clara Bow was the "It" girl. She also promoted the concept of the vamp, helping to make a star actress Clara Bow. She is credited with the re-styling of Gloria Swanson from giggly starlet to elegant star.

         – She is also a scriptwriter for the silent movie industry. She also had a brief career as one of the earliest female directors.

         – Glyn travelled back and froth from the United States to Brighton and lived for a time at Curzon House, Saltdean.

1927 – Her novella It was published this year

1936 – In 1936, her autobiography Romantic Adventure was published.

1940 – In 1940, her last novel to be published was Third Eye.

1943 – On the 23rd of September 1943, Elynor Glyn died in London at 39 Royal Avenue, Chelsea after a short illness.

2.6 (52.41%) 29 votes