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Born: 1266 AD
Died: 1337 AD
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1266 – He was born this year in the village of Vespignano, near Florence.


1294 – He came to Assisi and he became acquainted with the works of the marmorarii, whose style so influenced his own.


1305 – His masterwork is the Arena Chapel cycle of the Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padua depicting the life of the Virgin and the passion of Christ completed this year.


1320 – He completed two fresco cycles and a number of altarpieces for the church of Santa Croce.


1334 – The city of Florence honored him with the title of Magnus Magister (Great Master) and appointed him city architect and superintendent of public works.


1337 – He died this year before the work was finished.







2.7 (54%) 10 votes