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Giolitti, Giovanni

Born: 1842 AD
Died: 1928 AD
2.9 (58.33%) 12 votes

1842 – Born at Mondovì on the 27th of October.

1882 – After a rapid career in the financial administration he was appointed councillor of state and elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

1893 – Giolitti’s first term as Prime Minister was marked by misfortune and misgovernment.

1900 – He gained their favour, and on the fall of the Pelloux cabinet, he became minister of the Interior in Zanardelli’s administration, of which he was the real head.

1903 – His policy of never interfering in strikes and leaving even violent demonstrations undisturbed at first proved successful, but indiscipline and disorder grew to such a pitch that Zanardelli, already in bad health, resigned, and Giolitti succeeded him as prime minister.

1905 – His second tenure as Prime Minister.

         – In March, feeling himself no longer secure, he resigned, indicating Fortis as his successor.

1911-1914 – Giolitti returned to office as Italian Prime Minister.

1915 – He opposed Italy’s entry into World War I on the grounds that Italy was militarily unprepared.

1920-1921 – He became Prime Minister for the last time during Italy’s "red years," when fear of a communist takeover led the political establishment to tolerate the rise of the fascists.

1924 – He supported Mussolini’s government initially, sharing the widespread hope of that the fascists would become a more moderate and responsible party upon taking power, but withdrew his support.

1928 – Died on the 17th of July.

2.9 (58.33%) 12 votes