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Born: 1582 AD
Died: 1637 AD
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1582 – He was born on the 17th day of October this year in the German City of Quedlinburg.


1596 – At the age of fourteen, during a dangerous illness, he came under the personal influence of Johann Arndt, author of Das wahre Christenthum, and resolved to study for the church.


1599 – He entered the University of Wittenberg in this year, to study philosophy. He also attended lectures in theology, and then changed to medicine for two years.


1603 – He resumed his theological reading at Jena, and in the following year received a new impulse from J.W. Winckelmann and Balthasar Mentzer at Marburg.


1605 – He graduated in this year and begun to give lectures at Jena.


1606 – He accepted the invitation of John Casimir, Duke of Coburg, to the superintendency of Heldburg and mastership of the gymnasium; soon afterwards he became general superintendent of the duchy.


1616 – He was engaged in the practical work of ecclesiastical organization until this year, when he became theological professor at Jena, where the remainder of his life was spent.


1637 – He died on the 10th day of August this year.

2 (40%) 2 votes