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Gere, Richard Tiffany

Born: 1949 AD
Currently alive, at 68 years of age.

US movie actor


starred in movies "American Gigolo" 1980 (as Julian Kaye), "An Officer and a Gentleman" 1982 (as Zack Mayo), "The Cotton Club" 1984 (as Dixie Dwyer), "Pretty Woman" 1990 (as Edward Lewis), "Sommersby" 1993 (as Jack Sommersby), "Mr. Jones" 1993 (as Mr. Jones), "First Knight" 1995 (as Lancelot), "Primal Fear" 1996 (as Martin Vail), "Red Corner" 1997 (as Jack Moore), "The Jackal" 1997 (as Declan Mulqueen)


husband of Cindy Crawford 1991 (divorced 1995)