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George Frederick Ernest Albert (George V)

Born: 1865 AD
Died: 1936 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: King


1865 - Born on June 3rd in London England. He was the king of the United Kingdom, the second son of Prince Albert Edward, later King Edward VII.

1892 - He served in the navy until the death of his elder brother, Prince Albert Victor, brought the need for more specialized training as eventual heir to the throne.

1892 - Created Duke of York on May.

1893 - He married Princess Mary of Teck, who had been his brother's fiancée on July.

1901 - Created Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales after his father's accession,

1910 - He succeeded his father on May 6th.

1911 - He was crowned as king of the United Kingdom on June 22nd.

         - After the Liberal success in the election of December, the House of Lords relented and passed the Parliament Act, and the king did not have to fulfill his pledge.

1923 - He was also faced with a difficult decision on the resignation of Andrew Bonar Law, when he had to find a new prime minister. Both Lord Curzon and Stanley Baldwin had supporters among the elder statesmen whom George consulted, but, believing Baldwin had more support in the Conservative Party and that the prime minister should be in the House of Commons, the king selected him.

1928 - King George was seriously ill, and for the rest of his reign he had to be extremely careful of his health.

1931 - The collapse of the pound and the consequent financial crisis split the Labour administration. To secure strong government, he persuaded Ramsay MacDonald and a part of his Cabinet to remain in office and join with Conservative and Liberal ministers in the formation of a national coalition government.

1935 - The celebration of George's silver jubilee on May enabled the public to express its affection and admiration for him.

1936 - Died on January 20th in Sandringham, Norfolk.


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