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George, Jean

Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1958 AD
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1882 – He was born on the 14th day of February this year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Originally, he was educated by tutors at home and while abroad.


1904 – He attended Cornell University where he was a champion fencer. He also edited the Sun, the college newspaper, and the Widow, Cornell’s humor magazine. After being graduated in this year.


1905 – He started his career this year until the time of his death.


1908 – He joined The Smart Set as its dramatic critic and met H. L. Mencken, its book reviewer. The two became friends.


1914 – He assumed joint editorship of The Smart Set. Here was one of the great partnerships in American letters, for Mencken and Nathan were the arbiters, if not dictators, for what the "flaming youth" of 1920s America deemed worthwhile reading.


1917 – He criticisms were published in Mr. George Jean Nathan Presents.


1922 – He wrote over forty books, almost all of them collections of his criticism. The most important are The Critic and the Drama, in which he explains some principles behind his criticism.


1956 – He finally married Julie Haydon, after a fourteen-year courtship.


1958 – He died this year in New York City.
















2.6 (52.73%) 22 votes