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George IV

Born: 1762 AD
Died: 1830 AD
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1762 – A king of United Kingdom was born on the 12th day of August this year in St James’s Palace, London. He automatically became Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay; he was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester a few days afterwards.


1783 – He turned 21 this year, and obtained a grant of £60,000 from Parliament and an annual income of £50,000 from his father.


1787 – He allies in the House of Commons introduced a proposal to relieve his debts with a parliamentary grant.


1795 – The Prince of Wales’s debts continued to climb; his father refused to aid him unless he married his cousin, Caroline of Brunswick. The Prince of Wales acquiesced, this year. They were married on April 8 of this year at the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace. The marriage, however, was disastrous; each party was unsuited to the other.


1797 – He was remembered largely for the extravagant lifestyle that he maintained as prince and monarch. By this year, his weight had reached 17 stone 7 pounds.


1803 – A further £60,000 was added, and the Prince of Wales’s debts of 1795.


1806 – His debt finally cleared in this year, although the debts he had incurred since 1795 remained.


1804 – A dispute arose over the custody of Princess Charlotte, which led to her being placed in the care of the King, George III. It also led to a Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry into Princess Caroline’s conduct after the Prince of Wales accused her having an illegitimate son.


1821 – He was crowned on the 19th day of July this year at Westminster Hall.


1824 – His corset was made for a waist of 50 inches (127 cm). He had a poor relationship with both his father and his wife, Caroline of Brunswick, whom he even forbade to attend his coronation.


1830 – At age 67, he died on the 26th day of June this year in Windsor Castle, Berkshire.



















2.7 (53.33%) 3 votes