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Gentileschi, Artemisia

Born: 1597 AD
Died: 1653 AD
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1597 – Artemisia Gentileschi, born on the 8th of July in Rome, Italy, the daughter of Orazio Gentileschi. She was an Italian Early Baroque painter, today considered one of the most accomplished painters in the generation influenced by Caravaggio (Caravaggisti).

1612 – She studied under Agostino Tassi, her father’s collaborator, who was convicted of raping the teen-age Artemisia.

1616 – She became the first woman admitted to the Academy of Design in Florence.

1638 – 1639 – She lived in Naples, but visited England and left a self-portrait at Hampton Court. Her chief work is ‘Judith and Holofernes’ in the Uffizi, Florence.

1638 – She visited England, where she was in great demand as a portraitist.

1653 – Died this year in Naples Italy.

3.3 (65.56%) 18 votes