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Gates, Horatio

Born: 1728 AD
Died: 1806 AD
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1728 – Born in Maldon, Essex, England.  English-born American general in the American Revolution whose victory over the British at the Battle of Saratog turned the tide of victory in behalf of the Revolutionaries.

1754-1763 – Gates first served in North America in the French and Indian War, emerged as a major, and returned to England.

         – He accompanied General Braddock in his disastrous expedition against Fort Duquesne, and was severely wounded in the battle.

1772 – He immigrated to America.

1776 – He was appointed to command the troops which had lately retreated from Canada,

1777 – Was appointed to supersede General Philip Schuyler in command of the Northern Department.

1780 – He was defeated by Charles Cornwallis at battle of Camden.

1790 – He retired to his Virginian estate, whence he removed to New York.

1806 – Died on April 10th in New York, New York.

3 (60%) 10 votes