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Gardner, Randy

Born: 1958 AD
Currently alive, at 60 years of age.
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1957 – Born on December 2nd. American figure skater and five-time US pairs figure skating champion.

1967 – Tai began skating when she was eight and Randy began skating when he was ten. They were teamed together as a pair shortly after they learned to skate by coach Mabel Fairbanks. As they advanced, they made the switch to coach John Nicks.

1973 – They won National Junior Pairs.

1974 – Was a second-placer in the United States Championships.

         – Ranked 10th place on the World Championships with Babilonia.

1976 – They won the U.S. Senior Pairs event.

         – They went on to win five consecutive national titles.

1979 – With partner, Tai Babilonia, they won the World Figure Skating Championships.

1980 – Participated and were medal favorites but due to an injury inflicted on Gardner, they were forced to withdraw from the competition.

         – Tai and Randy starred in Ice Capades.

1987 – Tai and Randy were honored by the United States Olympic Committee. They became the first athletes to receive the Olympic Spirit Award.

         – Tai and Randy produced the first ever video that taught beginning ice skating fundamentals.

1997-1999 – Randy Gardner is a choreographer. He directed Champions on Ice. He has choreographed skating sequences in the Beverly Hills, 90210 episode, "Fire and Ice" and also did some of the choreography in "On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story."

2.7 (54.29%) 7 votes