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Gallinger, Jacob Harold

Born: 1837 AD
Died: 1918 AD
1.8 (36.67%) 6 votes

1837 – Born on the 28th of March at Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

1858 – He studied medicine medicine at the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical Institute from which he graduated.

1868 – He was an active member of the American Institute of Homeopathy (the oldest professional medical

         association in the United States).

1872 – He was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives (a bicameral state legislature

          of the United States).

1876 – He served as a member of the State Constitutional Convention (a gathering of delegates for the

             purpose of writing a new constitution or revising an existing constitution).

1878 –  He was elected to the new Hampshire Senate (a bicameral state legislature of the United States).

1879 – He became the Surgeon General (chief medical officer) of New Hampshire with the rank of Brigadier


1885 –  He was elected as a Republican to the United States house of Representatives.

1891 –  He was elected to the United States Senate.

1918 –  Died at the age of 81 on the 17th of August.

1.8 (36.67%) 6 votes