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Gadsden, James

Born: 1788 AD
Died: 1858 AD
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1788 – Born on the 15th of May in Charleston, South Carolina U.S.A.


1806 – He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut U.S.A.


1812 – He served in the Army, and was responsible for the construction of Fort Gadsden in Florida.


1823 – He was appointed as a commissioner to assist the government in moving the Seminoles (Native

American people originally of Florida) to reservation.


1840 – He served as a president of the South Carolina Railroad Company.


1853 – He was appointed as a U.S. minister to Mexico to negotiate the Gadsden Treaty.


1858 – Died on the 25th of December in Charleston, South Carolina. 

2.2 (44.21%) 38 votes