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Gabrieli, Giovanni

Born: 1556 AD
Died: 1612 AD
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1554 – Born in Venice.

1579 – He also went to Munich to study with the renowned Orlando de Lassus at the court of Duke Albrecht V; most likely he stayed.

1584 – He had returned to Venice.

1585 – He became principal organist at the church of San Marco.

1597 – The vogue which began with his influential volume Sacrae symphoniae was such that composers from all over Europe, especially from Germany, came to Venice to study.

1606 – Gabrieli was increasingly ill , at which time church authorities began to appoint deputies to take over duties he could no longer perform.

1612 – Died on the 12thn of August, of complications from a kidney stone.

2 (40.49%) 82 votes