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Funk, Walther

Born: 1890 AD
Died: 1960 AD
2.5 (50%) 10 votes

1890 – Born into a merchant family in Danzkehmen, Kreis Stallupönen, East Prussia on the 18th of August.

1916 – He joined the infantry but was discharged as unfit for service.

1919 – Funk married Luise Schmidt-Sieben.

1922 – He became the editor of the center-right financial newspaper the Berliner Börsenzeitung.

1931 – Funk was a nationalist and anti-Marxist, resigned from the newspaper in the summer and joined the Nazi Party, becoming closer to Gregor Strasser who arranged his first meeting with Adolf Hitler.

1932 – He was elected a Reichstag deputy in July and within the party.

         – He was made chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy in December.

1933 – In March, Funk was appointed as a State Secretary at the Ministry of Propaganda.

1937 – He also became Minister of Economics in February of that year, replacing Hjalmar Schacht who had been dropped in November.

1938 – He assumed the title of Chief Plenipotentiary for Economics.

1939 – In January, Funk gained another credit to his name when he assumed the post of President of the Reichsbank, again replacing Schacht.

1943 – He was appointed to the Central Planning Board in September.

1957 – Funk was held at Spandau Prison along with other senior Nazis. Released due to ill health, he died three years later.

1960 – Died on the 31st of May.

2.5 (50%) 10 votes