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Frisch, Karl von

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1982 AD
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1886 – Born on November 20th in Vienna, Austria. Von Frisch studied the behavior and communications of bees, determining that the "waggle dance" they perform indicate both the distance and direction to food sources, based on the position of the sun.

1910 – Received his doctorate from the University of Vienna.

         – He gained his University Teaching Certificate in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy.

1921-1958 – Professor of four universities: Rostock, Breslau, Munich and Graz.

1973 – Won the Nobel Prize for Medicine with Konrad Lorenz and Nikolaas Tinbergen.

1982 – Died on June 12th in Munich, West Germany.     

2.3 (45%) 8 votes