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Frick, Wilhelm

Born: 1877 AD
Died: 1946 AD
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1877 – Born in Alsenz, Germany on the 12th of  March.

1901 – He was educated in Kaiserslautern and studied jurisprudence at Heidelberg, graduating.

1903 – He joined the Bavarian civil service, working as a lawyer at the police headquarters in Munich.

1907 – He was made a Bezirksamtassessor.

1917 – Rose to the position of Regierungsassessor.

1923 – He took part in the Beer Hall Putsch, at which time he was director of the Munich Kriminalpolizei.

1924 – He was one of those arrested and imprisoned for the putsch and was tried for treason in April.

         – He was elected to the Reichstag in May and associated himself with the radical Gregor Strasser.

1925 – He joined the NSDAP in September and worked for an insurance company.

1928 – He was Fraktionsführer for the NSDAP.

1930 – He was appointed Minister of the Interior and of Education for Thuringia.

1933 – When Hitler came to power in January Frick was appointed Minister of the Interior, one of only three Nazis in the original Hitler Cabinet, and was responsible for drafting many of the laws that set up the Nazi regime.

1943 – Frick lost the post of Interior Minister to Heinrich Himmler; while Himmler succeeded in gaining control over most of the German police apparatus, he never achieved control over the Criminal Police.

         – He was Minister without Portfolio until August when he lost out in a power struggle with Himmler.

1946 – He was sentenced to death on the 1st of October, and was hanged two weeks later.

2.3 (45%) 4 votes