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Frelinghuysen, Theodore

Born: 1787 AD
Died: 1862 AD

1787 – Born in Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey on the 28th of March.

1790 – Frelinghuysen married Charlotte Mercer.

1804 – He graduated from the College of New Jersey and studied law under his brother John Frelinghuysen, and later, Richard Stockton.

1808 – He was admitted to the bar as an attorney in 1808

1811 – Became as a counselor.

1817 – He became Attorney General of New Jersey, turned down an appointment to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

1826 – Vice President of the American Sunday School Union.

1829 – Became a United States Senator.

1830 – As a Senator, he led the opposition to the Indian Removal Act.

1837 – He was Mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

1839 – He was the second President of New York University.

1841 – He was President of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

1842 – President of the American Tract Society.

1844 – He was a Whig vice-presidential candidate.

1846 – President of the American Bible Society.

1850 – Seventh President of Rutgers.

1862 – Died in New Brunswick, New Jersey on the 12th of April and he was buried at the First Reformed Church Cemetery, New Brunswick.