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Frederick II

Born: 1194 AD
Died: 1250 AD
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1194 – Born on December 26th in Jesi, near Ancona, EC Italy, the grandson of Frederick I.

1198 – He was the King of Sicily.

1212 – He was the King of Germany.

1215 – The Holy Roman Emperor.

1220 – He succeeded Henry VI, and was the last emperor of the Hohenstaufen line.

1227 – He was excommunicated by popes thrice.

1228 – He embarked on the Sixth Crusade.

1229 – Took possession of Jerusalem, and crowned himself king there.

1152 – Frederick pacified Germany by proclaiming a general land peace to end the anarchy.

1154-1156 – Frederick entered Italy and was crowned in Rome amid hostile demonstrations. The reluctance of his troops to remain in Italy forced him to return to Germany without assisting the new pope,  Adrian IV, against King William I of Sicily. Adrian, obliged to ally himself with William, turned against Frederick.

         – He satisfied Henry the Lion by restoring the duchy of Bavaria to him, at the same time  making Austria into a new duchy as a counterweight to Henry’s power.

1158 – Frederick entered Italy, seized Milan, and at the Diet of Roncaglia laid claim, as emperor and king of the Lombards, to all imperial rights, including the appointment of an imperial podesta, or governor, in every town.

1167 – The rebellious Italian communes united against Frederick in the  Lombard League, and Frederick retreated with difficulty to Germany, where he turned to increasing his territorial power and pacifying the constantly feuding German princes.

1174-1176 – He returned to Italy. He was decisively defeated at Legnano by the Lombard League, partly because of lack of support from the German princes, notably Henry the Lion.

1250 – Died on December 13th.

3.1 (62.76%) 29 votes