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Frederick Augustus I

Born: 1670 AD
Died: 1733 AD
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Elector of Saxony and King of Poland.


1670 – Born on the 12th of May in Dresden, Saxony, Germany. 1693 – Married with Christiane Eberhardine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. 1694-1733 – He was as Frederick Augustus I the Elector of Saxony. 1697-1704 – He was elected King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with the backing of Imperial Russia and Austria, which financed him through the Jewish banker, Berend Lehmann. 1698 – After a Moldavian campaign his Polish army defeated the Tatar expedition eventually in Battle of Podhajce. 1701 – Charles defeated him at Riga on the 17th of June, forcing the Polish-Saxon army to withdraw from Livonia, and followed this up with an invasion of Poland. 1702 – He captured Warsaw on the 14th of May, defeated the Polish-Saxon army again at the Kliszów, and took Cracow. 1703 – He defeated another of Augustus’s armies under command of Generalfeldmarschall Adam Heinrich von Steinau at the PuBtusk in spring, and besieged and captured ToruD. 1704 – The Swedes installed StanisBaw LeszczyDski on Polish throne, it compelled him to introduce Poland to war alongside with Russia (alliance was concluded in Narva summer). 1706 – Charles invaded Saxony, forcing him to yield up the Polish throne to LeszczyDski by the Treaty of Altranstadt. 1709 – Returned to the Polish throne under Russian auspices. 1717 – Peter the Great seized on this opportunity to pose as mediator, threatened the Commonwealth militarily, and in forced him and the nobility to sign an accommodation, favorable to Russian interests, at the Silent Sejm (Sejm Niemy). 1733 – Died on the 1st of February in Warsaw, Poland.

3 (59.05%) 42 votes