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Fraser, Peter

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1950 AD
2.7 (53.33%) 12 votes

1884 – Born on the 28th of August, in Hill of Fearn, near Tain, Scotland.

1908 – Fraser quickly became active in politics, becoming secretary of the local Liberal Association at the age of 16, and joining the Independent Labour Party.

1913 – Fraser became involved in the founding of the Social Democratic Party.

1916 – Fraser became involved in the foundation of the New Zealand Labour Party.

1916 – The government had Fraser arrested on charges of sedition. This resulted from their outspoken opposition to the war, and particularly their call to abolish conscription.

1917 – He rejected them soon afterwards, and eventually became one of the strongest advocates of excluding communists from the Labour Par

1918 – Fraser himself gained election to Parliament, winning the electorate of Wellington Central.

1919 – He soon distinguished himself through his work to counter the influenza epidemic.

1945 – Fraser worked with his newly-created Department of External Affairs, headed by Alister McIntosh, and devoted much of his attention to the formation of the United Nations.

1947 – Fraser also took up the role of Minister of Native Affairs.

1950 – Fraser became Leader of the Opposition, but declining health prevented him from playing a significant role. Fraser died in Wellington on the 12th of December. He is buried in Wellington.

2.7 (53.33%) 12 votes