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Franklin, Benjamin

Born: 1706 AD
Died: 1790 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Scientist

US diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, and printer


1718 – Becomes printer’s apprentice to James, his older brother. 


1724 – 1726 – Lives and works as a printer in London. Returns to Philadelphia to clerk a store.


1727 – Founds the Junto group. 


1728 – Established printing business in Philadelphia


1729 – Purchases the Pennsylvania gazette newspaper. 


1730 – Benjamin marries Deborah Read. 


1731 – Main founder of Library Co. of Philadelphia (1st subscription library in America)


1732-1757 – Published "Poor Richard’s Almanack" (under pseudonym Richard Saunders)


1736 – 1737- founds Union Fire Company and is appointed postmaster of Philadelphia. 


1740 – Inventor and eponym of Franklin stove


1754 – Pennsylvania delegate to Albany Congress, proposed Plan of Union


1769-1790 – Founder and 1st president of American Philosophical Society


– Developed fluid model of electric current, consisting of motion of microscopic charged particles


– Proposed experiment demonstrating lightning to be a form of electricity


– Invented lightning rod


1773 – Wrote satiric pamphlet "Rules by Which a Great Empire May be Reduced to a Small One"


1775 – Lives in london and works for repeal of stamp act.


1785 – Returns to America.


1787 – Signs the constitution, becomes a delegate to the constitutional convention


1790 ( April 17) – dies in Philadelphia