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Frank, Jacob

Born: 1726 AD
Died: 1791 AD
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1726 – Jacob Frank is believed to have been born as Jacob ben Leiba in Koroliwka, Podolia.

1750 – Frank became intimate with the leaders of the Shabbateans.

1752 – Two followers of Osman Baba were witnesses at his wedding.

1755 – He reappeared in Podolia, and, gathering a group of local adherents, began to preach the revelations which were communicated to him by the Tzeviists in Salonica.

1756 – Frank was forced to leave Podolia, while his followers were hounded and denounced to the local authorities by the Orthodox rabbis.

1757 – The bishop took the "Anti-Talmudists," or "Zoharists," under his protection, and arranged a religious disputation between them and Orthodox rabbis.

1759 – Negotiations looking toward the conversion of the Frankists to Roman Catholicism were being actively carried on with the higher representatives of the Polish Church; at the same time the Frankists tried to secure another discussion with the rabbis.

         – In the course of one year more than 500 individuals were converted to Christianity in Lwów. Frank himself was baptized in Lwów and again in Warsaw the next day, with Augustus III as his godfather.

1772 – After the first partition of Poland, Frank was released by the Russian general Bibikov, who had occupied Cz stochowa, in August.

1791 – On the death of Frank, Eve became the "holy mistress" and leader of the sect.

2.6 (52.5%) 16 votes