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Francis, Connie

Born: 1938 AD
Currently alive, at 80 years of age.
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1938 – She was born on the 12th day of December this year in Newark, New Jersey, United States.


1955 – Her first single "Freddy” met with little success. Her next nine singles were also failures, and she began considering a career in medicine.


1958 – She debuted Dick Clark’s American Bandstand television show; by mid-year over a million copies were sold. This was followed by many other hits over the next decade, as Connie Francis became one of the most popular vocalists in the world.


1960 – She became the youngest headliner to sing in Las Vegas, where she played 28 days a year for nine years.


1961 – She was successful in starring in her own television special on ABC television sponsored by Brylcreem titled Kicking Sound Around, singing and acting along-side Tab Hunter, Eddie Foy Jr. and Art Carney.


1962 – She had another No.1 hit with "Don’t Break the Heart That Loves You." In addition, she appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show with French singing star Johnny Hallyday. The show that was taped at the famous Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris, France.


1963 – She played a Command performance before Queen Elizabeth II at the Alhambra Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland.


1967 – She had 35 U.S. Top 40 hits, and three number ones.


1969 – She had a modest country hit with "The Wedding Cake".And ended her recording career this year.


1973 – She returned to her career with "The Answer," a song written just for her, and soon began performing again.


1974 – Her son Joey was born this year and she was sexually assaulted in a hotel following a performance in Westbury, New York. Nasal surgery to correct sensitivity to air conditioning deprived her of her ability to sing professionally for four years.


1981 – Her brother was murdered this year.


1984 – Her autobiography, “Who’s Sorry Now?” was published this year and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a mental disease which includes severe depressions and manic highs. She uses the drug Lithium to balance out the emotional highs and lows caused by the disease.


1989 – She resumed her career third year after discovering the drug and has continued singing and recording since then. Francis still holds a worldwide appeal shown through continued music sales and sold-out appearances.


2007 – She performed to a sold-out crowd — composed of gay urbanites and conservative suburbanites — in San Francisco. The "little diva" belted out versions of her "woebegone ballads . . . in full force," according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s music critic.



























2.9 (58%) 30 votes