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Fragonard, Jean Honore

Born: 1732 AD
Died: 1806 AD
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1732 – Born at Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes on the 5th of April.

1752 – Fragonard gained the Prix de Rome with a painting of "Jeroboam Sacrificing to the Golden Calf", but before proceeding to Rome he continued to study for three years under Charles-André van Loo.

1756 – On the 17th of September, he took up his abode at the French Academy in Rome, then presided over by Charles-Joseph Natoire.

1761 – He had an opportunity to study in Venice before he returned to Paris.

1765 – His "Coresus et Callirhoe" secured his admission to the Academy.

1769 – He had married and had a son, who became one of his favourite models.

1773-1774 – He again went to Italy, returning through Prague and Germany.

1793 – The neglected painter deemed it prudent to leave Paris and found shelter in the house of his friend Maubert at Grasse, which he decorated with the series of decorative panels known as the Roman d’amour de la jeunesse, originally painted for Château du Barry.

1806 – He returned to Paris early in the ninteenth century, where he died on the 22nd of August, almost completely forgotten.

1.7 (33.33%) 3 votes