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Fox, William

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1952 AD
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1879 – He was born on the 1st day of January of this year at Tolcsva, Hungary.


1900 – He started his own company on this year, which he sold in 1904 to purchase his first nickelodeon.


1915 – He started Fox Film Corporation on this year.


1925 – He purchased the rights to the work on this year of Freeman Harrison Owens, the U.S. rights to the Tri-Ergon system invented by three German inventors, and the work of Theodore Case to create the Fox Movietone sound-on-film system, released in 1927.


1929 – He suffered injuries in an auto accident in the summer of this year and a 90% drop in the value of his stock during the Crash in this year.


1930 – He lost control of the company in this year during a hostile takeover.


1952 – He died in this year at the age of 73. None of the Hollywood producers came to his funeral.



2.3 (46.67%) 3 votes