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Fossey, Dian

Born: 1932 AD
Died: 1985 AD
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1932 – She was born this year


1966 – She secured financing for a trip to Africa. There she met Dr. Louis Leakey, from whom she managed to get a job researching gorillas.


1967 – She founded the Karisoke Research Center, a remote rainforest camp nestled in the Virunga Mountains in Ruhengeri province, Rwanda.


1970 – Her photograph, taken by Bob Campbell, appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine in January of this year.


1974 – She received a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Cambridge.


1978 – She attempted to prevent the export of two gorillas, Coco and Pucker, from Rwanda to the Cologne zoo. She learned that, during their capture, 20 adult gorillas were killed.


1985 – She was found brutally murdered in the bedroom of her cabin on December 26 of this year.


3.1 (61.6%) 25 votes