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Foch, Ferdinand

Born: 1851 AD
Died: 1929 AD
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1851 – Born in Tarbes, France on the 2nd of October.

1870 – Foch enlisted in the French 4th Infantry Regiment, during the Franco-Prussian War, and decided to stay in the army after the war.

1871 – Foch entered the École Polytechnique and received his commission as a Lieutenant in the 24th Artillery Regiment.

1885 – He rose through the ranks, eventually reaching the rank of Captain before entering the Staff College.

1895 – He was to return to the College as an instructor and it is for his work here that he was later acclaimed as "the most original military thinker of his generation".

1898 – Foch continued his initially slow rise through the ranks, being promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel.

1901 – His career accelerated and he returned to command, when he was posted to a regiment.

1903 – He was promoted to become a Colonel, then Brigadier General

1907 – Returning to the Staff College as Commandant.

1911 – He was promoted Major General and then Lieutenant General.

         – On the 14th of August, the corps advanced towards the Sarrebourg Morhange line, taking heavy casualties in the Battle of the Frontiers.

1915 – He conducted the Artois Offensive.

1916 – The Battle of the Somme.

         – He was strongly criticised for his tactics and the heavy casualties that were suffered by the Allied armies during these battles, and in December was removed from command, by General Joffre, and sent to command in Italy.

1918 – On the 26th of March, Foch was appointed Allied Supreme Commander with the title of Généralissime with the job of co-ordinating the activities of the Allied armies.

         – Foch prevented the advance of the German forces during the great Spring Offensive at the Second Battle of Marne in July.

         – On the 6th of August, Foch was made Marshal of France.

         – Along with the British commander Field Marshal Haig, Foch planned the Grand Offensive, opening on the 26th of September, which led to the defeat of Germany.

1919 – In January, at the Paris Peace Conference Foch presented a memorandum to the Allied plenipotentiaries.
         – Foch was made a British Field Marshal.

1921 – On the 1st of November, Foch was in Kansas City to take part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Liberty Memorial that was being constructed there.

1923 – He was awarded with the title of Marshal of Poland.

1929 – Died on the 20th of March and was interred in Les Invalides, next to Napoleon and many other famous French soldiers and officers.


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