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Florio, Giovanni (Florio, John)

Born: 1553? AD
Died: 1625? AD.

Nationality: English
Categories: Translator


1553 - Born in London. English lexicographer and translator of Montaigne.

1604-1619 - Florio was groom of the privy chamber to Queen Anne.

1580 - Translated Navigations and Discoveries, Giovanni Battista Ramusio's account of the voyages of Jacques Cartier.

1578-1591 - His Firste Fruites, a grammar and a series of dialogue in Italian and English, was followed by Florio's Second Frutes and by Giardino di ricreatione, a collection of more than 6,000 proverbs in Italian.

1598 - His Italian-English dictionary, A Worlde of Wordes, for which he drew heavily upon the works of Giordano Bruno, contains about 46,000 definitions.

1603 - Florio produced his major translation, the Essais of Michel de Montaigne, which he revised.

1611 - The second edition, Queen Anna's New World of Words, was greatly enlarged.

1625 - Died in Fulham, near London.


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