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Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus

Born: 2800 AD
Died: 3370 AD
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""280 BC – Born in Naissus on the 27th of February.


293 BC – He served at the court of Diocletian in Nicomedia, after the appointment of his father as one of the two caesares (junior emperors) of the Tetrarchy.


312 BC – Constantine crossed the Alps with his army and attacked Maxentius.


313 BC – He met Licinius in Milan to secure their alliance by the marriage of Licinius and Constantine’s half-sister Constantia. 


          – Constantine announced toleration of Christianity in the Edict of Milan, which removed penalties for professing Christianity and returned confiscated Church property.


316 BC – Constantine acted as a judge in a North African dispute concerning the heresy of Donatism. 325 BC – He summoned the First Council of Nicaea, effectively the first Ecumenical Council, which condemned Arianism and formulated the Trinity as it is known today.


          – Constantine is also remembered for convoking the Council of Nicaea, one of many significant impacts the emperor had in the development of the Christian religion.


326 BC – Constantine had his eldest son Crispus tried and executed, as he believed accusations that Crispus had been having an affair with Fausta, Constantine’s second wife.


324 BC – Constantine announced his decision to transform Byzantium into Nova Roma.


330 BC – On the 11th of May, he officially proclaimed the city as the new capital of the Roman Empire.


337 BC – Died on the 22nd of May.

3.1 (62.86%) 21 votes