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Flavius Julius Valens Augustus

Born: 3280 AD
Died: 3780 AD
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328 AD – He was born Flavius Julius Valens this year in Cibalae, near Sirmium. They had grown up on estates purchased by their father, Gratian the Elder, in Africa and Britain. While Valentinian had enjoyed a successful military career prior to his appointment as emperor, Valens apparently had not.


360 AD – He had spent much of his youth on the family’s estate and only joined the army in this year, participating with his brother to the Persian campaign of Emperor Julian.


364 AD- Valens obtained the eastern half of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor as far east as Persia. Valens was back in his capital of Constantinople by December this year.


365 AD – Valens’s first priority after the winter of this year was to move east in hopes of shoring up the situation. By the autumn of 365, he had reached Cappadocian Caesarea when he learned that a usurper had proclaimed himself in Constantinople.


369 AD – He crossed again, from Noviodunum, and attacked the northeasterly Gothic tribe of Greuthungi before facing Athanaric’s Tervingi and defeating them. Athanaric pled for treaty terms and Valens gladly obliged.


375 AD – Valens’ older brother Valentinian suffered a burst blood vessel in his skull, which resulted in his death on November 17, 375. Valentinian’s two sons and Valens’ nephews, Gratian and Valentinian II, were evelated to Augusti by the imperial troops in Pannonia upon his death. He reigns as the Emperor of the eastern Roman Empire.


378 AD – Valens himself was able to march west from his eastern base in Antioch. He withdrew all but a skeletal force some of them Goths from the east and moved west, reaching Constantinople by May 30, 378. He died on the 9th day of August this year in Adrianople.

1.9 (38.69%) 61 votes