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Flavius Claudius Julianus

Born: 3310 AD
Died: 3630 AD
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331 – Born in in Constantinople. The last pagan Roman Emperor.


337 – He was only six when his imperial uncle died and one of his earliest memories must have been the fearful massacre of his father and kinsfolk, in the interest and more or less at the instigation of the sons of Constantine.


      – Gallus was banished, but Julian was allowed to remain in Constantinople, where he was carefully educated under the supervision of the family eunuch Mardonius, and of Eusebius, bishop of Nicomedia.


344 – Gallus was recalled, and the two brothers were removed to Macellum, a remote and lonely castle in Cappadocia. Julian was trained to the profession of the Christian religion; but he became early attracted to the old faith, or rather to the idealized amalgam of paganism and philosophy which was current among his teachers, the rhetoricians.


351 – Julian was permitted to return to Constantinople, where he studied grammar under Nicocles and rhetoric under the Christian sophist Hecebolius.


354 – Julian fell under a like suspicion, and narrowly escaped the same fate. For some months he was confined at Milan (Mediolanum) until at the intercession of the empress Eusebia, who always felt kindly towards him, permission was given him to retire to a small property in Bithynia.


355 – Constantius recalled him, but ordered him to take up his residence at Athens.


357 – He completely overthrew the Alamanni in the great battle of Strassburg.


361 – Julian reached Sirmium, and was on the way to Constantinople, when he received news of the death of Constantius, who had set out from Syria to meet him, at Mopsucrene in Cilicia.


      – Without further trouble Julian found himself everywhere acknowledged the sole ruler of the Roman Empire.


363 – Died after being wounded in the battle on June 26th.

1.7 (33.24%) 71 votes