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Flavius Belisarius

Born: 50X0 AD
Died: 5650 AD
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General of the Eastern Roman Empire.


500-505? – Belisarius was born in Germane or Germania in south-west Bulgaria.

527 – Became a Roman soldier as a young man, serving in the bodyguard of the Emperor Justin I.

      – Appointed to command the Byzantine army in the east to deal with incursions from the Sassanid Empire.

530 – Led the Byzantines to a victory over the Sassanids in the Battle of Dara.

531 – Battle of Callinicum on the Euphrates.

532 – He was the highest ranking military officer in the Imperial capital of Constantinople

535 – Commissioned to attack the Ostrogoths.

536 – Successfully defended Rome against the Goths.

540 – Moved north to take Mediolanum (Milan) and the Ostrogoth capital of Ravenna.

544 – Belisarius returned to Italy.

559 – Retirement of Belisarius came to an end when an army of Slavs and Bulgars crossed the Danube River to invade Byzantine territory.


562 – He is in the trial in Constantinople on a charge of corruption.

2.5 (50.91%) 22 votes