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Ferdinand I

Born: 1503 AD
Died: 1564 AD
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1503 – Born at Alcalá de Henares, Spain, on March 10th.

1519 – Ferdinand’s brother became Emperor Charles V, but Ferdinand received only the Hapsburg possessions of Upper and Lower Austria, Carinthia, Carniola.

1526 – On the death of his brother-in-law Louis, Ferdinand became king of Bohemia and Hungary. His political position became rather ambiguous, for he had to combine the roles of German representative of imperial policy, German territorial prince, and independent king of Hungary, constantly harassed by the Turks.

1531 – Charles had Ferdinand elected king of the Romans, that is, designated successor to the imperial dignity.

1548 – Charles tried to dissuade Ferdinand from the imperial succession in order to preserve the empire for his own son Philip II.

1552-1555 – After Charles suffered a humiliating defeat by the Protestant princes, Ferdinand arranged the Treaty of Passau, the first step toward the granting of religious freedom for the Lutheran princes (Treaty of Augsburg).

1558 – He was proclaimed as the Holy Roman Emperor.

1564 – He died in Vienna on July 25th.

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