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Fattori, Giovanni

Born: 1825 AD
Died: 1908 AD
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1825 – Born on September 6th in Livorno. Italian painter.

         – Giovanni Fattori was introduced to art by Giuseppe Baldini.

1846 – He attended the Fine Art Academy and studied under Bezzuoli.

1848-1849 – He was unable to devote himself to painting, he returned to work from real life, adopting in particular scenes from military life as his subjects.

1859 – Under the guidance of Nino Costa, his artistic activity intensified.

1861 – He won a national competition with the painting Dopo la battaglia di Magenta. This extremely successful work was followed by a further three or four equally important paintings in the same genre.

1869 – Held a temporary teaching post at the Fine Art Academy.

1875 – Fattori traveled to Paris where he came in contact with the works of Manet, although this had no significant influence on his art, which by then was fully developed.

1886 – He obtained the chair in landscape painting at the Fine Art Academy in Florence.

1908 – Died on August 30th.

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