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Fanning, Shawn

Born: 1980 AD
Currently alive, at 34 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: None


1980 - Born on the 22nd of November in Brockton, Massachusetts.

1998 - He is best known for developing Napster, the first popular peer-to-peer filesharing platform.

         - His college roommate who was having difficulties accessing the MP3 files he wanted, Fanning spent months of little sleep writing the code for a program that could provide an easy way to download music.

         - He developed the program while attending Boston's Northeastern University

2002 - In November, the Napster name and logos have been property of Roxio, Inc.

2003 - Fanning opened a new company, SNOCAP, along with Jordan Mendelson and Ron Conway.

2006 - In December, Fanning developed Rupture, a social networking tool designed to handle the task of publishing gamers' individual profiles to a communal space and facilitating communication between World of Warcraft players.


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