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Born: 6XX0 AD
Died: 5720 AD
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600 BC – Ezekiel also spelled  Ezechiel,  Hebrew  Yehezqel prophet-priest of ancient Israel and the subject and in part the author of an Old Testament book that bears his name.

605 – 562 – For him and his people, these years were bitter ones because the remnant of the Israelite domain, the little state of Judah, was eliminated by the rising Babylonian empire under Nebuchadrezzar.

598 – Before the first surrender of Jerusalem, he was a functioning priest probably attached to the Jerusalem Temple staff.

597 – He was among those deported to Babylonia, where he was located at Tel-abib on the Kebar canal (near Nippur). It is evident that he was, among his fellow exiles, a person of uncommon stature.

592 – His religious call came in July when he had a vision of the “throne-chariot” of God.

585 – He subsequently prophesied.

572 –  He is not heard of again.

570 –  His latest datable utterance can be dated, 22 years after his first.


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2.4 (48.78%) 82 votes