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Eusebius of Caesarea (Eusebius Pamphili)

Born: 260? AD
Died: 339? AD.

Nationality: Palestinian
Categories: Clergymen


260 - Born in Palestine. Eusebius of Caesarea is generally regarded as the "Father of Church History" because of his effort to preserve records of the early Christian Church.

         - Christian (Palestinian-born) bishop, historian, and theologian.

313 - Became the Bishop of Caesarea.

324 - His great work, the Ecclesiastical History, is a record of the chief events in the Christian Church.

325 - Eusebius played a significant role in the doctrinal debates and disputes that troubled the Catholic church during the early fourth century. This included issues of Christology relating to the nature of Jesus Christ.

         - Eusebius was present at the Council of Nicea, where the subject was hotly debated.

339 - Died on May 30th.


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