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Born: 5520 AD
Died: 6160 AD
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560 – He succeeded his father, as King of Kent and made an unsuccessful attempt to win from Ceawlin of Wessex the overlordship of Britain.

568 – His political importance was doubtless advanced by his marriage with Bertha, daughter of Charibert, King of the Franks and fought the West Saxons.

597 – His baptism took place on Whitsunday next following the landing of Augustine on June 2nd, had such an effect in deciding the minds of his wavering countrymen that as many as 10,000 are said to have followed his example within a few months.

         – He founded the church which in after-ages was to be the primatial cathedral of all England, besides other churches at Rochester and Canterbury.

616 – Died on February 24th.

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