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Escher, Maurits Cornelis

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1972 AD
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1898 – Born on the 17th of June.

1903 – He moved to Arnhem, Netherlands together with his family.

1919 – He attended the Harlem School of Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem, Netherlands.

1922 – He left the school, having gained experience in drawing and making woodcuts.
       – His first artistic work was completed which featured eight human heads divided in different planes. 

       – He traveled through Italy and Spain.

1924 – He married to Jetta Umiker.

1935 – He moved to Château-d’Œx, Switzerland from Rome, Italy.

1937 – He moved again, to Ukkel, a small town near Brussels, Belgium. 

       – He created woodcuts using the concept of the 17 plane symmetry groups.

1941 – He moved to Baarn, the Netherlands.

1955 – He was awarded a Knighthood of the Order of Orange-Nassau on the 30th of April.

1956 – He explored the concept of representing infinity on a two-dimensional plane.

1958 – He published a paper called Regular Division of the Plane.

1962 – He endured surgery.

1969 – He finished his last work, a woodcut called Snakes.

1970 – He moved to to the Rosa-Spier house in Laren, Netherlands.

1972 – He died on the 27th of March.

2.9 (58.57%) 14 votes