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Ersoy, Mehmet Akif

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1936 AD
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1873 – Mehmet Akif Ersoy, a Poet and man of thought born in Istanbul, Turkey. He was the son of Ipekli Tahir Efendi, a Albanian tutor at Fatih Madrasah. Mehmet Akif’s mother came from a family who migrated from Buhara and settled in Istanbul.

1893 – He attended the Halkal1 School of Veterinarian, after his father died and their house burned down and he graduated with the first degree.

1895 – His first poem was published in the school journal at the School of Veterinarian and his first professional work of poetry (Kurana Hitap-A Preach on Koran) appeared in Resimli Gazete.

1898 –  He published translations from Iranli Hafiz and Sadi in Servet i Funun.

1908 – 1910 – He was recognized with his poems and stories in verse published in the Sebilürre_ad review.

1908 – Working as a teacher at the School of Veterinerian, Akif published the reviews Sirat i Mustakim and Sebilurresad with his friend Esref Edib.
1912 – He defended the idea of Unity of Islam in his articles published in S1rat-1 Müstakim and Sebilurresad and at his preaches in Fatih, Beyazit, Sehzadebas1, Suleymaniye mosques.

1913 – He resigned from his office due to the Balkan War.

1914 –  He was sent to Germany during the war by the Ottoman Intelligence Service on the invitation of the German government.

       – He was appointed as the first secretary to High Islamic Counsil.

1919 – He tried to encourage people in his preaches at mosques in Bal1kesir in order to support the National Struggle rising in the Western Anatolia after the invasion of Izmir.

1920 – His Sebilürre_ad was published in Kastamonu on the 20th of November.

       – He was dismissed from Dar’ul Hikmeti’l Islamiye for his actions on the 20th of December.

1921 – His poem was enthusiastically read out at the Turkish Grand National Assembly and was accepted as the National Anthem.

1923 – He was elected as deputy from Burdur and served at this office.

1925 – 1935 – He worked as a professor of Turkish language and literature at the University of Egypt.

1936 – He died on the 27th of December. He is buried at the Edirnekap1 War Cemetery, next to the grave of Babanzade Ahmed Naîm Efendi.

3.1 (62.47%) 73 votes