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Enomoto, Takeaki

Born: 1836 AD
Died: 1908 AD
2.9 (57.65%) 17 votes

1836 – Born on the 25th of August.

1862 – He was sent to the Netherlands, where he studied naval warfare.

1868 – He refused to deliver his warships, and escaped to Hakodate, Japan with the whole Tokugawa navy.

1872 – He was pardoned by the new Meiji government from prisoned.

1874 – He was appointed as a vice-admiral.

1875 – He was sent to Russia to negotiate the Treaty of Saint Petersburg.

1880 – He rose as high as Navy Minister of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

1885 – He again showed his skills as a diplomat by assisting Ito Hirobumi in concluding the Treaty of Tientsin.

        – He was Japan’s first minister of communications.

1887 – He was granted the rank of a viscount as well as membership in the Privy Council.

1888 – He served as a minister of agriculture and commerce.

1889 – He served as a minister for education.

1891 – He served as a foreign minister.

1908 – He died on the 26th of August.

2.9 (57.65%) 17 votes