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Engels, Friedrich

Born: 1820 AD
Died: 1895 AD
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1820 – Born on the 28th of November in Barmen, Prussia.

1838 – Engels dropped out of High school and was sent to work as a nonsalaried office clerk at a commercial house in Bremen.

1841 – Engels joined the Prussian Army as a member of the Household Artillery.

1842 – The twenty-two year old Engels was sent to Manchester, England to work for the textile firm of Ermen and Engels in which his father was a shareholder.

1844 – His first book The Condition of the Working Class in England.

         – Engels decided to return to Germany.

1845 – Engels and Marx lived in Brussels, spending much of their time organizing the city’s German workers.

1848 – Engels and Marx were commissioned by the German Communist League to publish a political pamphlet on communism.

1864 – He started off as an office clerk, the same position he held in his teens, but eventually worked his way up to become a joint proprietor.

1870 – Engels moved to London.

1895 – Died of throat cancer in London on the 5th of August.

2.4 (47%) 20 votes