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Engel, George

Born: 1836 AD
Died: 1887 AD
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1836 – Born in Cassel, Germany. One of the Haymarket martyrs.

1873 – Engel emigrated to America from Germany.

1878 – He became radicalized after moving to Chicago, first joining the Socialist Labor Party and then the anarchist International Working People’s Association (IWPA).

         – Engel’s only involvement with the Haymarket "Conspiracy" was his attendance at the Grief Hall meeting.

1886 – He was indicted for throwing bomb at Haymarket gathering in Chicago, killing one police officer and leading to police-protestor melee.

         – Convicted in political trial, along with seven other anarchists, despite absence of direct evidence.

1887 – Died by execution on November 11th.

2.6 (52.86%) 42 votes