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Emmons, Delos Carleton

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1965 AD
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1888 – Born on  the 12th of June in Huntington, West Virginia, United States.

1909 – He graduated from the United States Military Academy.

1912 – He went to Fort Gibbon, Alaska with the United States 30th Infantry Regiment.

1916 – He became a first lieutenant.

        – He was detailed to the Signal Corps’ Aviation Section for pilot training.

1917 – He was rated a junior military aviator on May.

        – He a captain on July.

1918 – He was promoted to major and went to Mather Field, California, United States.

        – He was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

1920 – He transferred to the United States Army Air Service.

1921 – He completed the Air Service Course at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

1924 – He went to Crissy Field, California, United States where he served as commanding officer of the field.

1927 – He went to Washington, D.C., United States as a executive officer for the chief of the Air Corps.

1928 – He held the same assignment for the Assistant Secretary of War for Air.

1934 – He was a commanding officer and air officer of the 18th Composite Wing and the Hawaiian

              Department at Fort Shafter in the Hawaii.

1935 – He was promoted to colonel.

1936 – He returned to the United States in July 1936 as commander of the 1st Wing at March Field, California.

1939 – He was appointed the commander of General Headquarters (GHQ) Air Force at Langley, Field,

             Virginia, U.S.A.

1940 – He was one of three American military observers sent to London, England.

          – He was promoted to lieutenant general.

1943 – He was assigned as a commanding general of the Western Defense Command at Presidio,

              San Francisco, U.S.A.

1944 – He headed the Alaskan Department at Fort Richardson.

1946 – He became commandant of the Armed Forces Staff Collage at Norfolk, Virginia, United States.

1965 – He died on this year.

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