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Keith Noel Emerson

Born: 1944 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Musicians, Pianists


1944 - Keith Noel Emerson, born on the 2nd of November in Todmorden, Yorkshire. He is a British keyboard player and composer.

1969 - He incorporated the Moog modular synthesizer into his battery of keyboards.

1970 - Formerly a member of The T-Bones, V.I.P.s and as backing band to P.P. Arnold (which evolved into The Nice), he went on to start Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP), one of the first supergroups.

1971 - With the releases Pictures At An Exhibition and Trilogy, he began to fully credit classical composers.

1979 - Following the first breakup of ELP circa, he went on to modest success with other bands including Emerson, Lake & Powell, 3 and subsequent ELP reunions during the early 90's.

1981 - He has provided music for a number of films, including Dario Argento's Inferno and World of Horror, the thriller Nighthawks and, more recently, Godzilla: Final Wars.

1994 - He was also the composer for the short-lived animated television series Iron Man.

2002 - 2006 - He reunited The Nice to go on tour and currently tours with The Keith Emerson Band.


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