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Ellis, William

Born: 1794 AD
Died: 1872 AD
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1794 – He was born this year in London. He developed a love of plants in his youth and became a gardener, first in the East of England, then at a nursery north of London and eventually for a wealthy family in Stoke Newington.


1815 – He applied to train as Christian missionary for the London Missionary Society. He was accepted and was ordained this year.


1816 – He was posted to the South Sea Islands with his wife, leaving England this year.


1822 – He went on elsewhere in the Sandwich Islands.


1825 – He and his wife had to return to England, Mrs. Ellis being in poor health, so took a ship via Hawaii and America.


1830 – He became Assistant Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society and then Chief Foreign Secretary.


1835 – His wife died this year. He remarried two years later, to Miss Sarah Stickney. She had been brought up a Quaker. However, she had latterly chosen to become an Independent or Congregationalist.


1844 – The first volume of a History of the London Missionary Society was also published. He resigned from the LMS due to ill health.


1847 – He was offered a post there as pastor of its Congregationalist worshippers.


1849 – He regained his health, and he accepted an offer from the LMS to travel to Madagascar for them as their official emissary.


1853 – Arriving this year, his mission was rebuffed and he was refused permission to go to the capital. He based in Mauritius for a while. He tried again, and he was again refused entry.


1858 – In celebration, he wrote a book entitled Three Visits to Madagascar in this year.


1861 – On his fourth attempt, he was eventually permitted entry.


1865 – He stayed until this year, and gradually laid the foundations for Christianity. He returned to a great welcome in England. He was asked to lecture widely about his travels and the religious influence he had left behind.


1867 – He wrote books about his experiences and the history and geography of the island – Madagascar Revisited.


1870 – He also wrote “Martyr Church of Madagascar.”


1872 – He caught a cold whilst on a train journey and died.




























2.5 (50.59%) 17 votes